Bespoke Solutions

As a company we specialise in creating specific solutions to meet our clients needs, rather than using standard products. Because of the nature of our work we are often called upon to create unique solutions for a particular requirement. A few examples are below:

Online ECDL training software

We were called upon to create an online version of the European Computer Driving Licence, for a training company, to complement their more traditional classroom training approach.

We created a web application linked to a SQL Server database to allow the company to register students onto separate training modules and to administer their training through a separate interface.

The application featured a full online syllabus for each module and a workspace area which featured lessons, exercises and multiple choice tests. The application also featured a facility for each student to upload their completed exercises for marking and a help facility.

The system has been expanded to include updated versions of the qualification and also to cater for the Advanced ECDL qualification.

speaker upload Area

The volume of papers presented at an international conference can be very high, our client wanted to streamline the traditional process of speakers providing the digital version of their slides by offering an online alternative.

We created a database driven system that emailed each speaker with an invitation and instructions for accessing a personalised, password protected, environment where they could upload their digital files (powerpoint presentations, images, videos etc) to each specific session they were presenting at. The system allowed them to overwrite and preview the content up to a cutoff point.

An administration interface allowed the team at the conference to manage the process, with the flexibility to invite new speakers, view files that had been uploaded, remind speakers before the cut off for each day of the conference and to download in bulk the files for each day (separated into the relevant day, location and session).

The system has been a success and is used annually to collect several gigabytes of speaker material.