Conference Services

Conference websites

We can design, create and maintain your meeting website to your exact specification.

In addition:

Social Media  We can include Facebook and Twitter feeds on your site and embed YouTube videos of your sessions.

Programme  We can produce interactive programme pages to maximise the content available online.

Exhibition  We can provide interactive floorplans for your website, allow your exhibitors and sponsors to book exhibition space and upload their logo/company editorial. We can create many other forms to reduce the administrative effort for your conference.

Publications  We can also offer electronic books to display any publications you may have (eg technical manuals, sponsor brochures etc).

Broadcast Emails  Communicating with your delegates is important, we can create html emails and manage your mailing lists so you can deliver effective mailshots.

Registration and accommodation

We can create registration and accommodation forms that collect the exact information you need about your delegates. Because we have the flexibility to cater for any requirement, we can filter delegate choices to exacting requirements. For example - do you need to check a delegate is a member? Do you need to offer discount codes or allow a delegate to become a member? No problem, we can match their membership number and offer them the correct package or allow them to apply a discount code or add a membership subscription to their package.

Our registration forms can be linked to a range of PCI compliant payments processors and once payment has been made the delegate confirmations can link to individualised receipts and invoices.

For smaller repeating meetings and seminars we can provide a cost effective solution by creating a multi-use, generic, setup.

Our back end systems allow you to easily export collected data and amend registrations where necessary.

Abstracts handling

Our abstracts handling system has received tens of thousands of abstracts. It is simple and easy to use and like all of the systems we offer it is customisable to your exact requirements at each stage of the process. If you need a different setup to the traditional peer review process - we can implement it.

As standard we provide:

Submission  Abstract form allowing authors to submit and amend multiple abstracts

Review  Reviewer area and online reviewer report form

Notification  Author notification letters

Administration  Admin interface to manage abstracts, view reviewer activity and export reports (eg review/abstracts/author index/programme)